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Project Description
JC Touch Selector Control (aka JCSelector) makes it easier for touch screen users to select from a list of items. You'll no longer have to use a ComboBox in your touch screen app.

Is very easy to use and also supports two-way data binding via it's Text property. Written in C#

Selector ImageJCSelector1.png


JC Touch Selector Control is a .NET custom control intended to:

1. Replace the ComboBox control in touch screen applications.
2. Make it easy to navigate a list of items and select an item using your finger.
3. Support two-way data binding.

What JC Touch Selector Control is NOT:

- It's not a ComboBox control and does not work exactly like one.


Source code includes a Visual Studio 2008 project. Releases will be in the form of a downloadable zip file.


This control has been useful in Point Of Sale (POS) apps but could also be used in kiosks or any other application that will be used via a touch screen.

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